StarCraft II Wings of Liberty 1.2.1 17682

A popular science fiction real-time strategy video game

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    Wings of Liberty 1.2.1 17682

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.9 (456)

For those searching for a real-time strategy game that they can get lost in, Starcraft 2 remains one of the most iconic titles in this genre, with endless strategies and tactical options.

There are quite a few games that have helped promote international competitive gaming, but relatively few have left a mark as big as Starcraft 2. This real-time strategy has become one of the most iconic titles in the history of online and competitive play, but many are surprised to hear that options for single layers, co-op fighting and the campaign can be just as enthralling. Here is a look at just a few of the features that have made this game what it is, and that is a piece of gaming history.

In both the campaign and throughout multiplayer and co-op matches, all players chooses which race they will play as, including the Terran (humans), Zerg and Protoss. Each of these different factions will dramatically alter the style of play no matter what kind of match an individual is entering, and switching between races offers almost unlimited replayability over the years. The campaign for each of these races has some rather distinct divisions, but the overall style and means of winning is similar for all three.

Throughout the various campaign levels, players are given unique parameters that must be kept in order to win. These parameters can range from the development of a certain unit or protecting a base, to destroying all enemies that are on the map or gathering a certain amount of resources. This depth and variety gives players the chance to understand some of the basic nuances of the game and will help to prepare them for any expansions they choose to play or when they transition to more competitive online play.

Multiplayer matches are where this game truly stands out and has set it above countless other real-time strategies over the years. Each race not only has its own unique lineup of units, upgrades and static structures, they can also be mixed around to create a nearly unlimited amount of strategies and tactics. Even with this seemingly endless complexity, the various races are well matched against one another and each can win or lose depending on the skill of the player. It is this level of balance and competition that makes Starcraft 2 a one-of-a-kind game.


  • Unparalleled multiplayer depth and balance
  • Abundance of game types, styles and maps
  • Each race presents unique advantages and disadvantages


  • Limited graphics by today’s standards
  • Ill-conceived expansion packs
  • Minimal challenge in co-op games

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